1.   We Provide Upfront Services Scope Definition and Deliverables, Firm Delivery Schedule,

    and Cost of Services.

  1.   A&A has Proven Success Through Applied Experience and Tough, Timely, Accurate Decision Making.

  1.   Our Staff is Committed from Start to Completion.

  1.   You Can Expect Seamless Execution Across Company, Contractor, Subcontractor, and Discipline Lines.

  1.   We Strive to Deliver Environmental, Safety, Quality, Scope, Schedule, Cost Driven Clear

    Communicable, Measurable and Achievable Recommendations.

  1.   Our Frequent Progress Reporting and Coordination Conferences are Commensurate

    with Assignment Complexity.

  1.   We Offer Highly Competitive, Flexible, and Incentivised Completion Value Added Compensation.

  1.   The Representatives You Meet and Contract With Will Be the Individuals Who Do Your Work.


At Andrus & Associates, a committment made is a committment kept.

We know you have a choice in supplemental service providers and look forward to an opportunity to meet with you and explore how we can best serve your needs.

Why choose Andrus & Associates as your services provider?